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Welcome to mixedfeeling. The new layout community of blame. She needed a fresh start. And cleaning out her old community didn't help. So here it is: a new community. Feel free to join this community to keep updates with my layouts, profiles etc. Do note. This community will be updated when I feel like it. So if you are looking for something new each month you might not find it here.
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flexible squares: you just saved me

New layout. I might make a dark version of this as well. Considering this is a container layout please don't make the sidebar longer then the entries.

LARGER PREVIEW // 1024x768 and up // IE9, FF & Chrome
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flexible squares: magic dance

Back to the 80's. That is what this layout is about. I love this style of the 80's. This layout is named after the band Magic Dance.

LARGER PREVIEW // 1024x768 and up // IE9, FF & Chrome
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anime 01

I am alive!

Sort off. I am actualy working on a new layout. Not sure how many of you are still there. Anyway if you guys have questions check my FAQ first. I have gotten questions that where answered in there.

Mod Post

So livejournal seems to have changed the url of their usericon again. Meaning the code to change the usericon broke again. I can't fix all the codes so I am giving you the new url to change it yourself.

userinfo.gif is now userinfo_v8.svg